Maintenance & Upkeep

Not only is Rathdown Park a beautifully laid out estate,  it is also a tidy estate.  Two Clean Up Days are organised each year.  A shredder is usually provided,  which makes it easy for Residents to maintain their shrubs and hedges.  Verges are kept tidy,  road margins are cleared and overhanging branches are cut back.

With its distinctive,  and mostly black and white,  colour scheme,  upkeep of our estate walls is critical. Rathdown Park has entrance walls,  walls in the laneway to Rathdown Road.  And a low dividing wall at the entrance to La Touche Park.

A team of Residents is invited to regularly paint the walls and keep them looking well.

Landscape & Design

Over the years,  Rathdown Park Residents Association has fought hard to keep the estate’s integrity. Some planning issues that arose might have dramatically affected the layout of Rathdown Park.

RPRA has worked hard to improve the appearance and environment of Rathdown Park.  Hedges and trees have been planted on our entrance greens.  Daffodils have been planted at the entrance walls and in a woodland setting under entrance trees.  Flower beds have been created.

The orginal developer was mandated to plant trees as part of his planning permission.  Over the years,  RPRA has continued with a strong tree planting programme each year.

Rathdown Park is rightly proud of its trees.  The estate has a wide selection of mature trees,  many of which are spring flowering.  All are now a main feature of Rathdown Park and contribute to its pleasant appearance.

RPRA AGM is held each Spring with an excellent team which works hard for all Residents.


Grainne Coleman

46 Rathdown Park

085 814 6647

Liz Dillon

50 Rathdown Park

087 271 8766

Sarah Grace

45 Rathdown Park

087 964 7429

Kevin Hughes

158 Rathdown Park

086 223 4755

Kathleen Kelleher

27 Rathdown Park

087 284 5465

Niamh McDermott

5 Rathdown Park

086 328 4470

Judy Meagher

111 Rathdown Park

086 833 3993

Our Chairman is Judy Meagher

New Members and Helpers are always welcome.

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